Ad Experiences * Immersive user engagement
Highly viewable & performance-driven ad placements across Display, Video & Native that generates incremental revenue along with increasing time spent and page views.
High Impact Units
Enhanced user enagagement,
enhanced revenue

Lests our expert guide you to choose from a wide range of high impact ad units that have 60%+ viewability and 1.5X revenue. The intractive and engaging nature of these ad placements. creates a clean user experience that naturally balance the content to ad ratio.

User Enagagement with Ad Placements
Leverage video

'Outstream' is the one of the most popular ad experiance for publishers who do not have access to video content but want to harness the power of video ads. With easy integration and right placement within the content page, outstream video is undoubtedly one of the most effective video ad experiance.

You say video, we say Instream.

Boost enagagement with high quality targeted video ads being playing while your users are actively enggaged. Be it an OOT platform, video-on-demand service or live TV; we have the right advertise for you.

Video Advertising Services for Publishers and Bloggers
The power of native

It is a known fact that online users engage more effectively with native ads than display ads. The ability to customize the sizes of native ad placements makes it easy to seamlessly integrate these ads as a part of the content, thereby engaging users the right way, the “native way”.

Interactive Audio Ads

The rise of audio advertising via programmatic has been seen in the past couple of years. To make the most of this trend, we scan each of your article pages and run an on-demand text to audio player. Seamlessly integrating audio ads on this player brings an innovative way for brands to advertise.

Buzz Bot
New Age interactive Bot

Allow users to engage with content through our new age AI-Driven Bot built exclusively for publishers. Deliver trending news, featured articles, surveys, etc. that help you increase page views along with serving targeted ads to generate incremental revenue via this interactive Bot. You are in the driver’s seat of the content and the ads you want to show your users. It’s a Plug and Play and can be given a customized personality to suit the look and feel of your website.

Social Display
Repurpose Social creatives

Delivering creative assets from social platforms across highly trusted publisher inventory helps increase engagement, maximize campaign effectiveness and improve performance. These ads are served across the publisher’s standard display ad placements and therefore requiring no custom integration.